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A Body and Mind Experience

3-12-08 Hamden

Pictured (L-R) Back row: Grandmaster Brian Hanson, Roberto Monfa’, Ben Hawkins and Shihan Frank Ciarleglio. Front row: Theodore Maranets, Miguel J. Corzo and Maximiliano Garcia-Millan.


Hamden: On March 12, 2008, students from the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden received their new ranks. There were children and adults from Hamden and Woodbridge in the belt promotion working together to help each other and themselves to achieve a new level in the Martial Arts. With each new level comes a new challenge, whether it is a mental challenge or a physical challenge. These challenges help the students to become more aware of themselves and others. “The Martial Arts is a mental and a physical experience, one without the other doesn’t offer a balance, which is so important in life,” said Frank Ciarleglio, a 5th Degree Black Belt and Instructor at the Hamden Academy. There is a different level of proficiency required for each belt rank; “our belt advancements test the students on their mental and physical abilities to qualify them for their new rank,” Ciarleglio said.

The children’s program at the Academy is also a character development program. “The childrens’ parents provide us with reports on a weekly basis that outline their children’s behavior at home and in school. This information helps us at the Academy to monitor the success of our character development program, which works on leadership skills. Our Instructors at the Academy also use this information to adjust our character development program and work on what is happening in the lives of our students,” said Ciarleglio.

The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts would like to congratulate these students for their achievements. Adult Ranks (adult and teens): Orange Belt - Ben Hawkins and Blue Belt - Roberto Monfa’. Junior Ranks (four years old thru ten years old): Junior Yellow Belts – Miguel J. Corzo and Maximiliano Garcia-Millan, and Junior Green Belt - Theodore Maranets. For more information on the Academy, you can call 288-9990 or look them up on the web at www.academyofkempo.com.


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