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Academy of Kempo Martial Arts "Academic Achiever"


Academy of Kempo Martial Arts - Academic Acahievers - 2012 - Shihan Frank Ciarleglio - Hamden 


Pictured (L - R): Julia Voinov, Imaan Masood, Heidi Oyuela, Gabriel Ciarleglio, Oliver Stevens, Elijah Blocker, Carlos Oyuela and Benjamin Arnold with Shihan Frank Ciarleglio.


            Hamden: On October 4, 2012, the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden held a Special Recognition Evening to honor their Academic Achievers. “Throughout the year I collect report cards from our students to monitor their progress in school. This helps us to know how we should gear our character development program to better help the children and it allows us to help our students with their goals. This also allows us to give positive reinforcement to the children who are doing well and who are improving from one marking period to another” said Shihan Frank Ciarleglio.

            “At the end of the year the report card will reveal the progress that has been made throughout the whole year. It is with this report card that will I determine whether our students have earned a position as an Academy of Kempo Martial Arts Academics Achiever,” Ciarleglio continued.

            The grades are not the only thing that qualifies someone to be an Academy of Kempo Martial Arts Academics Achiever. Shihan Ciarleglio looks at the whole person, the Comment section of their report card, the Work Habits section of their report card, and the Social Skills section of their report card.

            The report cards are just part of becoming an Academy of Kempo Martial Arts Academics Achiever. “The students must also be demonstrating the qualities of an Academy of Kempo Martial Artist: Respectful, Self Disciplined, Self Controlled, Helpful, Honest, Generous and Kind to Others” said Ciarleglio. These attributes are monitored on a weekly basis at the Academy and are an intricate part of their character development program.

             Congratulations to our first annual Academy of Kempo Martial Arts Academic Achievers for the 2011 - 2012 school year: Gabriel Ciarleglio, Julia Voinov, Imaan Masood, Oliver Stevens, Benjamin Arnold, Carlos Oyuela, Heidi Oyuela, Elijah Blocker and Katherine Bergher-Hall.

             Each child was recognized at the event and awarded a certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Academics, Work Habits and Social Skills. Along with their certificate each Academic Achiever was also given a metal for their outstanding character.

            More pictures of the events can be found at www.academyofkempo.com.




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