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Hamden, Connecticut                                      December 16, 2011

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Academy Giving Free Martial Arts Lessons for Food


The Academy has collected six boxes of food to date with food coming in on a weekly basis. With the help of the community, the Academy’s goal is to be able to relieve some of the stress of the holidays by helping Saint Ann’s Soup Kitchen and Keefe Center’s Food Pantry. This will in turn help many families throughout the Hamden area who have a limited amount of resources available to them due to the current economic conditions. The Academy hopes that during this season of giving they can encourage and motivate people to think as a community by taking care of the less fortunate.

“At the Academy, we teach our students the importance of helping others. Donating food, clothing, toys, other material items, or a monetary donation can do this, but that is not the only way of helping someone. Other ways are volunteering with different organizations, making things for someone (for example making a holiday card for someone in the military, a get well soon card for someone who is ill, drawing a picture, etc.), or helping a family member, friend, neighbor, or even a stranger,” said Shihan Frank Ciarleglio, the instructor at the Academy. “These are very important life lessons for the younger people, this helps them to be part of a community and understand that everyone can give whether it’s something you buy or something you do for someone,” continued Ciarleglio.

The Academy is offering its students a free semi-private lesson for any five or more non-perishable items they donate and offering two weeks of free lessons to non-students (limited to one giveaway per person and cannot be combined). “I am offering these free Martial Arts lessons as a way of giving back to those who give, and I am also hoping that it will encourage others to give when they would not have normally done so. This is a great opportunity for students to get some one-on-one training and for non-students to try the Martial Arts,” said Ciarleglio.

The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts is accepting donations now through the end of the holiday season at 1890 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden. You can also contact the Academy by phone at 203.288.9990, or visit them on the web at to find out what are the best times to drop off your donations and receive your gift.


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