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Back row left to right Grandmaster Brian Hanson, Joshua Szymanski, Andrew Cronin, Emily Maranets and Shihan Frank Ciarleglio. Front row left to right Mitchell Stevenson Jr. and Ziael Aponte


On July 11, 2007 students from the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden received their new ranks. There were children and junior adults from, Hamden, New Haven and Woodbridge in the belt promotion working hand in hand to help each other and themselves to achieve a new level in the Martial Arts. These students work very hard to achieve their new ranks, which are short-term goals in a long journey towards their Black Belts. It is very important to stay consistent in achieving your goals, if not you would become stagnant in the Martial Arts and or anything else one is involved with. At the Academy the students are taught that the steps for achievement is to do their best both on a physical level as well as a mental level and that they should carry these values out into their everyday life’s. A quality Martial Artist is a person who strives to better him or herself and to make the small part of the world around them better as well. The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts would like to congratulate these students for their achievements. Adult Ranks (adults and teens): Yellow Belt – Joshua Szymanski and Purple Belt – Andrew Cronin. Junior Ranks (four years old thru ten years old): Junior Purple Belt – Ziael Aponte, Junior Blue Belt - Mitchell Stevenson Jr., and Junior Blue Belt with Stripe – Emily Maranets. To achieve your long-term goals it takes many short-term goals and to achieve change in the world it takes one person at a time to change the part they live in. For more information on previous belt promotions, please look us up on the web at

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