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Grand Champion Of  The Summer 2008

Pictured are some of the children who participated in the children division. (L – R): Kevin Antoine, Ziael Aponte, Gary M. Avery II, the Grand Champion of the Summer 2008 for the Children’s Division – Matthew Tomlin (centered), Emily Maranets, Theodore Maranets, and Alexander Antoine.


Hamden:  The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden recently held its sixth annual Champion of the Week Tournament. The tournament was an eight-week program that started on July 12, 2008 and ended September 6, 2008. At this tournament, the competitors had to demonstrate their self-defense concepts within their sparring techniques. This tournament was designed for the students to be able to break the barrier between the sport end of the Martial Arts and reality. However, any competition that has any rules or regulations is not true reality, this type of sparring helps the students get closer to reality without injuries. The competitors sparred each other in a weekly tournament class; within this tournament class, the competitor had to successfully carry out that weeks’ self-defense concept. At the end of each tournament class there was one Champion for that week. That Champion was awarded a trophy for being that weeks’ tournament Champion, but to be able to keep the title of Champion and the trophy the competitor had to successfully defend his\her title at the following weeks’ tournament class. At the end of the eight weeks, the person who won the most Championship bouts was honored with the title of Grand Champion of the Summer 2008.


There were two divisions, the children’s division and the beginner adults/junior adults division. In the children’s division Tyler Ronne (from Woodbridge) was one time Champion. Ziael Aponte (from New Haven) and Matthew Tomlin (from Hamden) tied, both being three time Champions with a tiebreaking round being won by Matthew, earning him the title of Grand Champion of the Summer 2008. In the beginner adults and junior adults division Cazimir Bzdyra (from Hamden) was seven time Champion earning the title of Grand Champion of the Summer 2008.


During any competition, winning is truly measured by how much someone learns from the experience as in any life lesson. Congratulations to all who participated and became better for it. You can find more pictures and information on the concepts used in this tournament at www.academyofkempo.com.


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