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Halloween Safety


Halloween is upon us and the children are thinking, “What should I be for Halloween? Should I be a monster, an angel, princess, a firefighter, or a police officer?” Whatever the answer is the most important thing the child should be is safe. Here are some safety tips for choosing a costume, trick or treating and home decorations, as well as trick or treaters’ manners.


Trick - or - Treaters' Safety Tips


Z    Have a costume that can be seen in the dark. If your costume cannot be seen in the dark, use some reflective tape or a flashlight.

Z    If you find that it is hard to see or move in your costume, let your parents or adult supervision know so that they can make the proper adjustments.

Z    Stay with your parents or adult supervision do not run ahead.

Z    If you are old enough to go trick-or-treating without adult supervision, stay in groups and make sure, your parents know your route and have a way of getting a hold of you.

Z    Trick-or-treat in a neighborhood that is known to you and only go to the houses that have a light on.

Z    Walk on the sidewalks; do not cut through yards or driveways.

Z    Do not eat your treats unless, your parents have inspected them.

Z    Do not enter any strangers’ homes.

Z    Stay away from any animals.


Parents' Safety Tips


Z    Go over the safety rules with your children before going out trick-or-treating. The sooner you begin going over the safety rules, the better the children will do in following them.

Z    Make sure your children have dinner before going out. They will be less tempted to eat the treats if they are well fed.

Z    A trusted adult should supervise all young children. The children will follow the example of their supervision, not the rules.

Z    When picking out a costume for your child make sure that:

Y    It is flame-retardant.

Y    Your child can move freely with it on.

Y    It does not obstruct their vision.

Y    It can be seen in the dark.

Y    Any props such as knives, swords, etc. should be flexible to avoid injuries.

Z    An adult should inspect all treats. If anything looks questionable throw it away.

Z    If your children are older and go out on their own:

Y    You should know where they are going.

Y    Have a method of contacting them.

Y    Your children should have a method of contacting you.

Y    You should have a specified time that they should arrive home.


Homeowners' Safety Tips


Z    Make sure that your yard is clear of obstructions and you have a clear path for the children.

Z    Have your pets in a place that they do not get frightened and that your pet does not frighten the children.

Z    Make sure that any Halloween props you have are set up in a safe manner:

Y    If you are using anything electrical, make sure that the wires are properly covered so no one will trip on them.

Y    If you are using candles make sure that they are set up in a place so the children's costumes or any other props will not catch on fire and no one will get burned.

Z    Choose treats that are completely sealed to give to the children. If you are looking for a healthier choice of treats, you can find single serving size treats that are completely sealed such as popcorn, cereal, crackers, etc. You also have the option of giving non-food treats, such as stickers, pencils, party goods, etc.


Trick - or - Treaters' Manners


Z    Use respect by saying thank you to the homeowner giving out treats.

Z    Use respect, self-control and self-discipline when a homeowner holds out a basket of candy: only take the amount of candy that you are told to take. If the homeowner does not say how much to take, only take one.

Z    Use self-discipline by following the safety rules without having to be reminded.

Z    Use respect for the homeowner by walking on the sidewalk.

Z    Use self-control by not eating your treats when an adult has not inspected your treats.

Z    Use respect, self-control and self-discipline by staying away from the homeowners' Halloween decorations.


These safety tips are compliments of Academy of Kempo Martial Arts. For a printout of this information visit www.academyofkempo.com, or you may call the Academy at 203 288-9990. Have Fun and Be Safe.


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