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 Martial arts students earn new belts


On Nov. 14, students from the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts received their new ranks.

Children, junior adults and adults from Hamden, New Haven and Woodbridge participated in the belt promotion. Test administrator, Grandmaster Brian Hanson, ninth degree black belt, and their instructor Shihan Frank Ciarleglio, fifth degree black belt, viewed the students’ Martial Arts material.

“The students must demonstrate proper technique and understanding of their techniques to be eligible for their new ranks” Ciarleglio said. The children are also tested on the rules of the academy; respect, self-control and self-discipline.”

 “Grandmaster Hanson is brought in to view the students’ progress as well as share his knowledge of the martial arts with them. When the students leave the test they walk away with much more than a new rank; they walk away with more tools to help them improve their martial arts abilities” said Ciarleglio.

“The tools they learn are the same tools which will help them in their everyday life,” he said. The martial arts is not just a physical exercise, it’s a mental exercise as well. We stress to our students that they should perform at 100 percent 100 percent of the time”, Ciarleglio said.

These students earned new belts: Adult ranks (adults and teens): orange belt, Joshua Szymanski: blue belts, Robert Blocker and Andrew Cronin; blue belt with stripe - Nicholas E. Restrepo. Junior Ranks; (4 years old through 10 years old), junior blue belt, Ziael Aponte; junior green belt with stripe, Alfonso Mendoza; and junior brown belt third degree Matthew Tomlin.

More pictures and information on previous belt promotions can be found at For more information on the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts please call 288-9990.


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