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Strength, Persistence and Determination

Academy of Kempo Martial Arts - Hamden - Shihan Frank Ciarleglio - June 14, 2012 Test     Academy of Kempo Martial Arts - Hamden - Shihan Frank Ciarleglio - June 19, 2012 Test

Pictured (L-R) Top Left:  Bradley Sawyer, Oliver Stevens Kylie Ray and Javier Soto Jr. with Shihan Frank Ciarleglio.

Pictured Top Right: Samuel Cohen



            Hamden: On June 14th and June 19th, 2012 the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts promoted five students to their new ranks. “Being promoted to a new rank takes strength, persistence and determination” said Shihan Frank Ciarleglio, Test Administrator and Instructor at the Academy.

“The strength comes from within to learn about yourself and to use what you learn to become better. Sometimes this is a difficult task and that is when the persistence kicks in which takes self-discipline to keep working at it. But without having the determination to succeed, one may find themselves looking for a way out when it becomes difficult rather than looking for the solution on how to overcome the obstacle ahead,” Ciarleglio continued.

“Our classes at the Academy are designed to bring out the best in our students on a martial arts level and on character level as well. Our lessons do not stop at the dojo door; they continue and become an intricate part of our students’ daily lives.”

            The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts would like to congratulate Samuel Cohen for earning his Junior Orange Belt and Oliver Stevens for earning his Junior Purple Belt. Bradley Sawyer for earning his Adult Yellow Belt , Javier Soto Jr. for earning his Adult Orange Belt and to Kylie Ray for earning her Adult Blue Belt.

            Go to www.academyofkempo.com or call 203-288-9990 for more information on the programs available at the Academy.


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