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Winning Comes From Within


Pictured (L-R): Arthur Battle, Mike Dion, and Nicolas Restrepo.

Hamden: Recently the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden participated in the Connecticut Kempo Invitational Martial Arts Tournament. The tournament took place in East Windsor Connecticut and had participants from 100 Percent Martial Arts of Glastonbury, 8th Buta School of Kempo of Branford, Academy of Kempo of Hamden, Academy of Kempo of Trumbull, Integrity Martial Arts of Enfield, Kai-Ming Martial Arts of New York, The Kempokan of Newington, Shaolin Kempo Academy of East Haven, and Twin Dragon Martial Arts of Wallingford. The tournament was an all day event with a very positive message. "Winning is the growth that one gains from facing the challenges in life rather than hiding from them” said Shihan Frank Ciarleglio, a 5th Degree Black Belt and Instructor at the Academy of Kempo in Hamden. “When someone steps out of their comfort zone and competes in an event such as this it helps them to become a stronger person inside. This is important for a positive mental outlook. These self-improvement methods help a person to be able to stand up for themselves in situation where they may have allowed someone to take advantage of them in the past. The Martial Arts program at the Academy of Kempo is designed to help our student be healthy in mind and body and to help them be able to handle themselves in a self-defense situation whether it be a physical confrontation or a mentally abusive one” Ciarleglio said.

The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden had four students represent them in the tournament. These students ranged in age and in rank (levels of martial arts proficiency). Andrew Flamm, a Junior Green Belt Preteen entered in the self-defense maneuvers division winning second place and in the sparring division winning first place. Mike Dion, an Adult First Degree Black Belt entered in the self-defense maneuvers division winning fourth place, sparring division winning second place, and katas division receiving an honorable mention. Arthur Battle, an Adult First Degree Brown Belt entered in the self-defense maneuvers division winning first place, sparring division winning first place and katas division winning first place. Nicolas Restrepo, an Adult Blue Belt entered in the self-defense maneuvers division winning third place, sparring division receiving an honorable mention, and katas division winning third place.

For more photos you can visit the Academy of Kempo on line at www.academyofkempo.com or contact them at 288-9990 for more information.


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