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Children’s Program

Little Dragons Classes
Preteens Classes
Focus On

How to apply respect, self discipline and self control at home, school, and socially.

Balance and strength.

Self defense training.

- Our Children’s Program Has Two Goals -
A Strong Body and A Strong Mind

The martial arts movements are where the children will gain and improve on their self-defense, balance, and strength. The movements are used to also improve the children’s ability to concentrate by causing them to have to focus on one thing at a time.

The children’s program is designed as a character development tool also. Our instructors work on everyday situations, which improve the children’s sense of morals. Helping the children to understand the importance of self-discipline, self control and respect does this. With the understanding of these life skills there will be improvements in working together as a family unit and their academic success. This is all done while building a strong self esteem in a positive atmosphere.

"It's all about Quality"

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