Academy of Kempo - Hamden

Annual Food Drive -2007


Thank You

Dear Students, Parents and Friends;

            The Academy Of Kempo Martial Arts and I want to thank the students, parents and friends who generously donated to the Academy’s food drive.

            With your help the Academy collected over 115 bags of food that was split between the Saint Ann’s Food Kitchen and the Hamden Food Bank. The people who operate these facilities are very grateful for our help as well as the people that this food went to. This food helped many people have a better holiday season and it helped to relieve some of the stress that these families feel in these somewhat difficult economical times.

            We would also like to thank the organizations that were involved to make this an even bigger success. Our major sponsor, the Advisor Newspaper for running articles about the food drive from October into December; running these articles caused a tremendous amount of public awareness about the economical situations of the region and encouraged people from the community to become more involved in helping the needy. To Allegra Print in New Haven for their help printing the promotional materials. To a local school system (which wished to be nameless), and Chris Bamgboye of State Farm Insurance in Hamden for their help in distributing the promotional materials. To Barron Gannon & Co., P.C. in Fairfield, Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School in New Haven, the Boys and Girls Club of Hartford Southwest Unit, the Jackie Matchett Personnel - Division of Bill May Staffing in Hamden and the Rascals Gym in Hamden for their distribution of promotional materials and for their assistance in collecting food from different areas of town and different areas of the state.

A special thanks to Barron Gannon & Co., P.C., of Fairfield and the Salvation Army in New Haven for their food donations.

We would also like to thank the New Haven Register, the Hamden Journal and the New Haven Advocate newspapers for their articles on the food drive.

The success of this food drive was a collaborated effort on everyone’s part and everyone should feel proud of his or her efforts.


Once again thank you!!


Shihan Frank Ciarleglio


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