Child Life Wish List


Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital


Infants & toddlers

·          Infant Mobiles that are plastic or non-plush

·          Infant Bouncy seats, swings, mirrors (without fabric)

·          “Fascination” Stations

·          Infant toys, wrist & feet rattles

·          Shatter proof mirrors/ attach to cribs

·          Toddler clothing sizes 18-24 months

·          Cassette tapes, CDs of lullaby and children's songs, blank tapes

·          Tape recorders, boom box (for play groups)

·          Baby Einstein videotapes

·          Kick start gym, crib rockers, busy boxes

·          Musical instruments, musical toys that light up 

·          Tactile mats, tactile stimulation toys, V-tech toys

·          Board books and pop-up books

·          Big wooden puzzles with handles

·          Chubby cars & trucks

Preschool & school-age

·          Coloring books and markers & crayons

·          Pre-packaged sets of coloring books & crayons

·          Pre-packaged sets of bead jewelry or arts and craft kits for appropriate ages

·          Bubble tumblers, rolls of stickers, large tubs of Crayola Model Magic modeling compound

·          Board games (Monopoly Junior, Checkers, etc.), card games such as UNO

·          Doll house furniture and people

·          Match Box cars, Hotwheels

·          Washable toys, with little or no detachable parts (i.e., Magna Doodle, See 'N Say)

·          Current age-appropriate movies, DVDs (must be closed captioned)

·          CD players, music CDs, blank CDs 

·          Photo story books, Dora the Explorer & Bob the Builder books/videos

·          Play Doh and Play Doh kits

·          I Spy books and other Pop-up books, light up toys for distraction


·          Hand-held computer games for all ages

·          Gameboy Advanced game systems & Gameboy Advanced games

·          Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and PS3 games, Q20’s

·          CD players and CDs for teens

·          Stationary or portable DVD players and age appropriate DVD movies, Video Now

·          Current adolescent DVD movies and videos (must be closed captioned)

·          Journals, black paper with gel pens, scrapbooking supplies, beading supplies

·          Scrapbooking materials and scrapbooks

·          Lotions, body splash, nail polish & nail manicure sets

·          Picture frames, individual craft kits, scrapbooks & scrap-booking items

·          Teen board games (Scattegories, Monopoly, etc), card games such as UNO, SETGAME

·          Laptop computer, software

·          Gift certificates to: The Gap, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, Foot Locker, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Kohl’s, iTunes, FYE, etc.


We are always in need of: playing cards, special decks of cards such as UNO and SETGAME, seasonal stickers, small giveaway items, individual crayon boxes & coloring books, crossword puzzle books, hidden picture books, small bottles of bubbles.


Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

Child Life Department





·          Used toys and stuffed animals.  In the hospital, following infection control guidelines is critical.  To protect our patients, we can only accept new items.

·          Toys stuffed with shredded foam, small pellets or beans. Look for items with fabric or solid foam.

·          Toys with detachable parts (like button eyes) that could be removed and swallowed or inhaled.

·          Electrical, spark-producing or friction-producing toys.

·          Movie tapes in the VCR format

·          Fragile toys that can break into small pieces with sharp edges.

·          Toys made of glass or brittle plastic.

·          Toys with sharp edges or protrusions.

·          Toys or craft kits with toxic or lead-based paints, latex or glues.

·          Toys with parts that can pinch fingers or pull hair.

·          Humorous medical toys and games.  These may arouse fear and cause misconceptions.

·          Toy guns and other violent toys.

·          Latex or rubber balloons or toys that are made of these substances.  We do accept Mylar ™ balloons.


Your thoughtfulness and generosity are very much appreciated.


You can bring your donations to Academy of Kempo in Hamden


Thank you for donating to the Child Life Department of the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital


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