White Belt


Tradition Application - Basics

Stances - Front Position, Horse Stance, Crane Stance, Left Half Moon Stance, Right Half Moon Stance, Right Cat Stance, Left Cat Stance, 90 Degree Turn and 180 Degree Turn.

Blocks - Eight-Point Blocking System.

Punches - Front Two Knuckle Punch, Back Fist, Over Head Hammer, Cross-ward Hammer, Reverse Hammer, Inverted Hammer, Cross-ward Elbow and Palm Heel.

Kicks - Front Kick, Instep Kick, and Side Blade Kick.

Forms or Katas - Half of One Pinion (Footwork Only)


Practical Application - Self Defense Maneuvers

Combinations - Number Six and Number Seven

Kempos - White Belt Kempos (3)

Jujitsu - Double Wrist Grab


Competitive Application

Introductory to Sparring