The Academy of Kempo would like to congratulate the following people for their hard work and dedication to their Kempo training. That hard work and dedication paid off on April 26, 2002 when they attained their Black Belts:

Milford Studio -     Shodan Black Belt (First Degree)
                                         Amy Lillis           
                                     Timothy Flanders     

                            Nidan Black Belt (Second Degree)
                                        Ross Prinz


Stratford Studio Shodan Black Belt (First Degree)     
                                    Stephen Elsberry 
                                       Tom Collins 
                                       Stacy Sutay 
                                     Sarah Antoniani


Trumbull Studio Shodan Black Belt (First Degree)   
                                        Katelyn Szanicz
                                               Chris Bogannam

                            Nidan Black Belt (Second Degree)
                                    Scott Timmons